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Secret Formula to Weight Loss

January 30, 2018

Hi I'm Tom! I'm the creator of Kitchen-Abz.  Kitchen-Abz is a meal prep business. We have been growing in popularity and serving up thousands of meals: helping people lose weight, gain weight or just providing a CONVIENENT, HEALTHY, FRESH-alternative; so you can perform at optimal levels! So, why the blog? Well, when I first sat down to write this, I was asked to give an engaging topic and once again I was reminded WHY I wanted to have this blog.  I'm constantly asked about workout routines, supplements, various diets and the such. This is because there are CONSTANTLY new things coming out and the fitness/weight loss industry would at times seem to follow the mantra of "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit." 



POSITIVITY! This is what I hope to carry through this blog.  My main goal is to cut through the complicated formulas and prescribed amounts of sets, reps, calories, and other voodoo, so that YOU BECOME EMPOWERED AND AWARE OF WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!  This fit lifestyle is EASY and often times is made hard by all the complicated formulas of bioavailability of this or that, how many milligrams of this supplement we need, the science of WHY we should exercise and eat well as if showing you on a whiteboard the benefits of proper nutrition and exercise will create a motivated revelation. The other extreme also exists where miracle drugs, supplements or hazardous/nonsensical exercises are promoted to "get you the body of your dreams" in 21 days or 90 days etc.


So what is THE FASTEST WAY TO FEEL BETTER AND LOSE WEIGHT?.....START TODAY! Don't wait to have the perfect workout routine. Don't wait to know your EXACT amount of calories or macros. You will hear me say over and over that calories are an arbitrary number and I'll explain in another entry, why that is.  Your knee hurts? So what? Don't wait! You can still do biceps, triceps, chest or back etc. This is the FASTEST and MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to REACH YOUR GOALS!  START TODAY! 

I look forward to clearing up any confusing information you may have. We will give you a straight forward approach to nutrition, exercise and reaching your goals. Check back with us for regular entries or if you have a question send it! 









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Secret Formula to Weight Loss

January 30, 2018

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